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Biermaier Financial Management, LLC.

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Biermaier Financial Management was created by Jim Biermaier in 2006.  Before this he worked with two of the biggest names in the financial industry. After much soul searching, he and his family took a bold step. Jim decided to open his own firm as an independent financial advisor. His goal was to really get to know each individual client and meet their specific needs. His passion became seeing each client as a family member, with their own passions, concerns, and life choices. Jim knew that if he was able to have open discussions with clients about life, dreams and finances he would be able to better serve each client.  If each individual client is served this way our firm will continue to grow.

This mission continues today. Each financial advisor and staff member we add, our commitment stays strong.  Serve each client like they are part of our family.  There is not a person on our staff that doesn’t have a similar story and we encourage you to ask why we do what we do; this is not just a job, it is our calling. And we are excited that you are willing to take the next step to learn about how we can serve you. Our goal has always been to create your financial plan that will help you achieve the things you have been dreaming about.